What Is a Violation?

PLEASE NOTE: Academically dishonest behaviors include, but are not limited to, the brief examples described below. If you're concerned about what constitutes academic dishonesty we encourage you to speak with your professor; or, if you do not feel comfortable doing so, please contact the Honor Code office at honor@colorado.edu.

Plagiarism: Portrayal of another’s work or ideas as one’s own.

  • Buying a paper off the internet and turning it in as if it were your own work
  • Improperly citing references on a works cited page or within the text of a paper

Cheating: Using unauthorized notes or study aides, allowing another party to do one’s work/exam as one’s own, or submitting the same or similar work in more than one course without permission from the course instructors.

  • Taking an exam for another person
  • Looking off another person’s exam for answers
  • Bringing and using unauthorized notes during an exam

Fabrication: Falsification or creation of data, research, or resources; or altering a graded work without the prior consent of the course instructor.

  • Making up a reference for a works cited page
  • Making up statistics or facts for academic work

Aid of Academic Dishonesty: Intentionally facilitating plagiarism, cheating, or fabrication.

  • Helping another person do a take home exam
  • Giving answers to an exam
  • Collaborating with others on work that is supposed to be completed independently

Lying: Deliberate falsification with the intent to deceive in written or in verbal form as it applies to an academic submission.

Bribery: Providing, offering, or taking rewards in exchange for a grade, an assignment, or the aid of academic dishonesty.

  • Paying a student to do work on your behalf
  • Attempting to pay a teacher to change a grade

Threat: An attempt to intimidate a student, staff, or faculty member for the purpose of receiving an unearned grade or in an effort to prevent the reporting of an Honor Code violation.

Resubmission: Completing original work for one class and then resubmitting the work, in full or in part, to another class without permission from both instructors and/or without proper citation.