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Faculty Accusation Form


In order to support our educational process, please report all suspected Honor Code violations promptly upon discovering them. It is important that we resolve all accusations in a timely manner so that we may, when students accept responsibility or are found responsible, provide educational opportunities that give students knowledge they may apply in the classroom. The integrity of the investigation process is easier to maintain if the investigation occurs near the date of the allegation, as it is easier to recall the specific details and facts of the incident. Please work with us to make our case resolution process timely and educational for all involved.

Please note: Providing due process to a student accused of an Honor Code violation may take significant time (a few weeks).  During that time, until a decision is rendered by the Honor Code council, students will be presumed innocent and no sanctions, academic or otherwise, should be applied until a decision is reached.  For example, if a student is alleged to have committed academic fraud on an examination, the faculty member of record will mark that exam under the assumption it was a properly executed exam and record either an "incomplete" grade or a grade that ignores the allegation until an Honor Code decision has been reached.  At that time, grade changes and other sanctions can be applied if appropriate.