As citizens of an academic community of trust, CU-Boulder students do not lie or cheat whether they are on campus or acting as representatives of the university in surrounding communities. Neither should they suffer by the dishonest acts of others.

Honor is about academic integrity, moral and ethical conduct, and pride of membership in a community that values academic achievement and individual responsibility. Cultivating honor lays in the foundation for lifelong integrity, developing in each of us the courage and insight to make difficult choices and accept responsibility for actions and their consequences, even at personal cost.

An honor code establishes a fundamental social contract within which the university community agrees to live. This contract relies on the conviction that the personal and academic integrity of each individual member strengthens and improves the quality of life for the entire community. The presence of an honor code is vital to protecting the value of our academic accomplishments at the university. Through mutual trust we may create an environment in which our work is honest and respectable.

The honor code works by receiving the support and participation of all members in the university community. Each member of the university community pledges to personally uphold the values of the honor code. As citizens of an academic community of trust, respect, and honor, University of Colorado Boulder students do not act dishonestly while on campus or while representing the university in surrounding communities. Nor should students suffer from the dishonest acts of others. Together we may create a community in which we take pride in our honest work and can trust each other to act honestly at all times.


NOTICE: The new Policies and Procedures will go into effect November 6th, 2015.